Co-operative Multi-Academy Trust

Our schools share a common set of values and principles for the benefit of all stakeholders from students through to staff, parents, governors and the local community.

In the changing education landscape, we are pioneering a bold and exciting evolution of the Multi-Academy Trust model that offers an alternative way of educating the next generation.

Built on the values and ethics of the Co-operative movement and supported by the well-established co-operative business model, our sole objective is to prepare and equip each young person for the next stage of life, allowing them to realise their full potential within a network of well supported schools.

We are committed to a robust, effective, but, above all, user-friendly new structure dedicated to setting schools free to do what they do best – teach. In the Co-operative Education model each academy is an accountable-autonomous organisation led by its local stakeholders including parents, staff and governors within the framework formed by the Academy Trust.

Main Pay Range

Point 1 (min)£25,714
Point 2£27,600
Point 3£29,664
Point 4£31,778
Point 5£34,100
Point 6 (max)£36,961

Unqualified Teacher Pay Range

Point 1 (min)£18,169
Point 2£20,282
Point 3£22,394
Point 4£24,507
Point 5£26,622
Point 6 (max)£28,735

Upper Pay Range

Point 1 (min)£38,690
Point 2£40,124
Point 3 (max)£41,604

Allowances Data

TLR 1 Min£8,291
TLR 1 Max£14,030
TLR 2 Min£2,873
TLR 2 Max£7,017
TLR 3 Min£571
TLR 3 Max£2,833
SEN Min£2,270
SEN Max£4,479