Why are we doing this?


Teacher Pay Matters!

The national pay structure for school teachers in England is set out in the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) issued annually by the Department for Education (DfE) after consultation through the School Teachers Review Board
This applies automatically in all local authority maintained schools in England. It does not apply automatically in academies, although most academies follow its provisions. 
Far-reaching changes to teachers’ pay arrangements in recent years include an end to fixed pay scales, an end to automatic pay progression and portability of pay entitlements for teachers moving schools or taking a career break and the imposition of performance related pay (PRP) for all teachers. 
The union continues to campaign against the dismantling of the national pay system, imposition of a pension age of 68 or higher and attacks on teachers’ working conditions.
For details of the union’s campaigns go to www.neu.org.uk/campaigns  
In Norfolk, we have been proactive in challenging any reductions in Teachers pay. We have been successful in recent years in getting employers to agree to the National Agreements and raise their pay if they have fallen behind
However, with the national finances under pressure and schools under pressure to reduce costs, Teacherpaycheck is to keep the pressure on employers by keeping teachers informed of what employers value their staff, recruitment and retention. 

Under valuing and under-paying teachers harms everyone