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‘Schools should maintain an effective teaching workforce by prioritising the recruitment and retention of teachers among the other demands on their budgets.’

Take Action!

Are you unhappy with your school's pay scales?

How do your colleagues feel?

School Teachers’ Pay Review Body, 28th Report, 
The Pay review body want further, stating schools ‘should give suitable priority to teachers’ pay when setting their budgets to help ensure that an effective workforce is maintained.’
The Review Body made the following observation in its 29th Report: ‘Cost pressures are not necessarily synonymous with affordability, as school leaders and governing bodies have autonomy over school budgets and will set their priorities and allocate funds accordingly.’
Therefore, the Review Body has made it very clear that schools should focus their budgets on teachers’ pay, but there is inadequate oversight of schools by the DfE to ensure that this recommendation is being followed.
The only successful oversight are the teaching Unions – the NEU and their members
Find out what you can do below…
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1. Contact

Contact your Local Officers

Watching video

Watch and share our campaign video on what should’ve happened to your pay this September.

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2. Organise

Organise a meeting of members to discuss our website

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Download and use our pay campaign resources in your workplace.

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5. Raise

Raise our pay campaign aims with your headteacher.


See how others have successfully campaigned.

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6. Discuss

Discuss your headteacher’s response with members and decide your next steps.


If you need support, contact your branch secretary


download and send our model letter to your head/principal